Published on: November 27, 2012
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Zaplee representatives say the company’s recent integration with MyTrueVoiceID is turning out to be a winner in more ways than one. Not only has MyTrueVoiceID saved thousands of dollars in phone fees, but customers who integrate Zaplee with MyTrueVoiceID enjoy safety and security in a phone system that doesn’t break the bank.

Chicago, Ill. – A case study conducted with Zaplee and MyTrueVoiceID shows how customers can save money on their phone system while also enjoying the safety and security of a voice verification system. MyTrueVoiceID uses biometrics to create an individual’s unique voice print. Later when that individual calls into a company that uses MyTrueVoiceID, the system then uses the voice print to match the caller’s voice with their identity to verify that the caller really is who they say they are.

Zaplee’s integration with MyTrueVoiceID is one of the many ways the company is creatively adding services that were previously unheard of in the VOIP world. This new application means that businesses which use Zaplee to save money on their phone system can add an extra layer of protection that enables them to verify the identity of customers who call into their Zaplee VOIP phone system.

MyTrueVoiceID is more than just an integration partner with Zaplee. The company has been utilizing Zaplee’s services for their own phone system for approximately two years, and company executives say they have experienced Zaplee’s cost-effectiveness firsthand. They report almost $10,000 in savings in just one year by using Zaplee.

“We think their product is slick,” says MyTrueVoiceID CTO Jim Coulter. “In our first year, we probably saved close to $7,500 by using Zaplee. We didn’t have to buy a PBX phone system, which was probably around $5,000, and we didn’t have to put phone lines in, which was probably another $2,400.”

About Zaplee

Since 2007 Zaplee has been enabling small to medium-sized businesses to implement their call centers without the need for expensive software, services and infrastructure. To date, the software company has more than 300 satisfied customers on 30 different countries.

Mihir Kothari