Biometrics and VOIP - How Zaplee and MyTrueVoiceID Secure the Future of Communications

27 November — Zaplee representatives say the company’s recent integration with MyTrueVoiceID is turning out to be a winner in more ways than one. Not only has MyTrueVoiceID saved thousands of dollars in phone fees, but customers who integrate Zaplee with MyTrueVoiceID enjoy safety and security in a phone system that doesn’t break the bank.

October 2012

  1. Oct 24

    Workhacks: Toll Free for the One Man Show using Skype & GoogleVoice

    Zaplee announces the addition of a new toll-free service, which enables 800 numbers to be connected directly to popular instant messaging services Skype and GoogleVoice.
  2. Oct 17

    The Great Merger: How Four Small Businesses Became One in the Cloud

    How Mobivity used Zaplee’s cloud call center to unlock valuable insights from their customers and combine four companies into one without missing a call.
  3. Oct 02

    Turnaround Story: How one Small Business used Cloud Based Software to Survive and Thrive

    Zaplee reports that a case study conducted with its client Bobby Jones Electronics reveals that Zaplee’s services are about a quarter of the cost of traditional phone system expenses. A representative from Bobby Jones Electronics also says Zaplee’s system has enabled them to not just stay in business, but also expand.

July 2012

  1. Jul 04

    Cloud on Cloud Action: How Conceptshare used Zaplee and Skype to Slash Costs by over 50%

    Zaplee reports that its cloud call center system has helped take ConceptShare, a software company that creates virtual, collaborative workspaces for businesses, to the next level of growth. ConceptShare’s Chief Technical Officer says Zaplee’s fees are 50 percent less than fees for regular phone service, and they save money on hardware and software as well.

April 2012

  1. Apr 12

    Infrastructure Companies Use Zaplee to 'Bridge' Communication

    Teecsa, a user of Zaplee’s internet-based phone system, uses Zaplee to save costs while creating infrastructure projects throughout Mexico, making eco-friendly infrastructure a reality throughout the country.

December 2011

  1. Dec 19

    Users of Zaplee “Go Nuts” for their Customer Service

    Users of Zaplee report a high level of satisfaction with the virtual call center system. Just Almonds’ vice president says Zaplee has enabled them to keep the same toll free 800 number their customers already know while also managing their business from anywhere in the world.
  2. Dec 14

    Zaplee's Cloud Call Center Helps Autimis Medical Billing Services Cut Costs

    Zaplee reports that its cloud call center system has opened new doors for Autimis, a medical billing company in Texas. Autimis’ CEO says Zaplee has saved his company tens of thousands of dollars in expensive PBX equipment.